This proposal is aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the existing project IDS-FunMat-Inno, an integrated, EIT-labelled PhD school, which provides an educational programme for a first PhD cohort in 2017-18. The second cohort, supported by the present project and an extended consortium, will follow the programme in 2018-19. In 2018, both cohorts will attend the same joint training events, and additional events will be organised in 2019.

The solution (technology)

IDS-FunMat-Inno, with its successor IDS-FunMat-INNO-2, is a European collaborative project in PhD education, financed by the KIC ‘EIT Raw Materials’. It has started 2016, and received the EIT label for integrated educational programmes in early 2017. The project members include universities, research organisations and industry companies from eight European countries. The ambition of IDS-FunMat-Inno is to develop a model for PhD education for the European raw materials sector.

The training programme includes 4 joint schools and workshops over 2 years. The key ingredients of the training are:

  • International and inter-sectoral mobility: each PhD candidate works in two different countries (international co-tutelle or co-supervision), and will gain experience in both academic and private sectors
  • Training in entrepreneurship, technology intelligence, project and risk management, and other innovation skills.
  • Training in eco-design and life-cycle analysis of materials and the value chain of raw materials: topics such as ac-cess to resources, sustainable substitution of critical and toxic raw materials and materials recycling have become crucial issues pertaining to all branches of materials research. It is thus a fundamental necessity to develop training modules in this new field that is part of the circular economy to develop.