The project has five primary goals:

  1. Create educational material for primary schools based on BetterGeo
  2. Translate the mod and the material to minimum four languages
  3. Hold four test lectures in two different countries
  4. Hold a one-day workshop for primary school teachers (in Sweden)
  5. Spread the material through the channels of the EIT RawMaterials consortium and build a website

The solution (technology)

The educational material will focus on teaching raw materials and their importance in everyday life, from extraction to end-product. The game will function as a complement to practical studies, for example learning to identify different raw materials and their applications after working with them in the game. The material is aimed to be user-friendly, easily accessible and relevant for the different countries. BetterGeo is today available in Swedish and English and will be translated to two more languages in this project by the project partners. The educational material will likewise be developed in the same four languages.


You can find more information and apply on the official BetterGeoEdu website.