The impact of the program will be the impact the graduates will have on the mining industry and its respective interconnection with society and the environment. The programme will create students with a new mindset that will practically apply their newly gained awareness in a cross-industrial/governmental and social manner. They will convey that only through the creation of synergies, interdisciplinary thinking and systemic approaches the status-quo in mining can be changed for the better in regards to a sustainable approach. The programme will thus have a de-siloing effect on various fields involved.

The solution (technology)

Synergies will be created between mining companies, political institutions, social and environmental stakeholders and their NGOs as well as public administration. This will only be possible through creating such students as ADMIRED LAB students with an intercultural mindset that consolidates all these silos to be a new worldview and who know how to apply this. The benefitting entities will be all parties mentioned above as well as society and the planet as a whole. Academic institutions can benefit from the programme structure which is transferrable to other content foci but yet produces systemic innovative entrepreneurial thinkers.


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