Innovation Hub North is established by partners from Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Sweden with resources and expertise covering the whole value chain of raw materials. The four countries are top positioned at the Global Innovation Index (GII) with resilient ecosystems, well-integrated Knowledge Triangle, efficient national innovation policies and strong entrepreneurial cultures. The innovation ecosystem provides excellence in primary resources:

  • Exploration, mining, mineral processing and metallurgy;
  • Equipment, tooling and machinery for mining, mineral and metal producing industry;
  • Implementation of ICT-solutions for the RM sector (process optimization, automation, IoT);
  • Advanced practices related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable Arctic Mining.

The Innovation Hub North Management Team is an integrated, diverse and committed team composed of complementary competences, experiences and networks. Its role is to facilitate the project portfolio, activities and interests of the Innovation Hub partners and to manage a transparent process building a community with trust between partners throughout EIT RawMaterials.

Innovation Hub North is strategically established in the innovative environment of Luleå Science Park, hosting high-tech companies, awarded Incubator and Technology Transfer Office, at the entrance of the Luleå University of Technology Campus, nearby House of Technology, restaurants and cafés. In close cooperation with the partners, the Innovation Hub aims to promote the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated industries and knowledge-based institutions by providing value-added services for new and established ventures. Luleå Science Park provides quality space to start-ups together with “grow on space”; i.e. successful companies can move on and release space for new entrants while retaining their existing links with supplier and customer networks.

The Northern partner organisations drive a project portfolio addressing exploration and raw material resource assessment, mining in challenging environments and increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes including recycling. The portfolio offers analytical and modelling infrastructure, up-scaling pilots with a specific focus on process optimization, as well as learning and education activities targeting specific industrial needs strengthening the competitiveness, safety and social acceptance of industrial operations. An emphasis is made on incubation and spin-off processes to support the creation and growth of innovation-led, high-growth and knowledge-based companies. In addition, an infrastructure for validation and acceleration including a network of excellence for sustainable mineral exploration and extraction in the Arctic is offered to further promote environmentally and socially sustainable extraction of resources.

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The team

Dr Olli Salmi

Director Innovation Hub Baltic Sea and North

Dr Theo Berthet

Business Development Manager

Ulf Orrebrink

Business Development Manager