3D printing to foster circular design

Circular sPRINT addresses Circular Economy in a multidisciplinary and project-based manner. The event challenges PhD students, professional designers and companies, coming from a broad background in combining Additive Manufacturing technologies and Circular Design to address specific design problems or challenges related to the implementation of a more circular economy.

Find solutions for real-world challenges for a more sustainable future

On 6-17 September, participants will be divided into multidisciplinary teams and matched with real industry cases and partners selected by the organisers. The teams will be challenged to deliver a valuable circular concept and a tangible prototype solution for a client company in a short time span.

Circular sPRINT 2021 will merge the best of two worlds: lectures providing in-depth insights into Additive Manufacturing & Circular Design are hosted online in week one. In week two, the teams meet at the fablab to ideate, design and prototype using various Additive Manufacturing techniques.

Are you interested in taking part in Circular sPRINT but dealing with travel restrictions preventing you from reaching the venue in week 2? Reach out to us to figure out how we can let you take part remotely.

The event is highly recommended for PhD students and professionals working in fields such as product design, engineering, logistics, sustainability and consumer psychology.

Take part in the Circular sPRINT 2021 organised by CRAFTH project in one of three locations: Aalto University ADDLAD, Technical University of Clausthal or Ghent University Kortrijk campus.

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