Circular Economy and Innovation

Boosting the transition from Linear to Circular Societies The global challenges The public debate on climate change is growing in intensity, with increasing media coverage, and dialogues spreading at different levels through the society. Among the key messages emerging from the debate, is the need for a transition to the use of renewable energies. [...]

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CERA project: a universal standard for ethics, sustainability and environmental impact

CERA certification will ensure a consistent standard of environmental, social and economic impact throughout the entire raw materials value chain Currently, at least 40 different certification schemes exist for mining activity alone, increasingly exponentially when considering the entire value chain, with some certificates specific to a single geography, process or [...]

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Discover the latest developments in digitalisation of exploration, mining and processing of raw materials at the Expert Forum in Leoben

Sustainability starts with Europe’s resource potential Join the first Expert Forum on Digitalisation in the Raw Materials Sector! You will have a great opportunity to connect with industry stakeholders and experts actively researching, developing and employing digital solutions in exploration, mining and mineral processing. […]

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EIT RawMaterials Academy thesis award winners present at the Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility

Promoting innovation and excellence in higher education The Nobel Chemistry prize 2019 was not the only prize for battery development awarded during October. On 7-9 October in Turin, as part of the Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility, EIT RawMaterials Academy presented its first Thesis Awards for the Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility Lighthouse. [...]

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EIT RawMaterials publishes Sustainable Discovery and Supply Lighthouse Position Paper

Enabling smart, sustainable and innovative solutions to boost Europe’s exploration, mining and processing activities Minerals and metals are essential to modern society and the key to a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future. Europe is facing the challenge of increasing demand for raw materials combined with a high import dependency and [...]

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EIT RawMaterials new innovation project ReLieVe will develop an innovative closed-loop process for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, responding to the strong growth of the market in the coming years

Growing market for electric vehicles will create a massive recycling need Innovation Theme: Recycling, Circular Economy Lighthouse: Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility The EIT RawMaterials new innovation project ReLieVe (Recycling Li-ion batteries for electric Vehicle), developed by EIT RawMaterials industry partners Eramet, BASF and SUEZ, will receive funding of €4.7 million. […]

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Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility, Present and Submit your idea!

Innovation in electrification and lightweight design enabling green energy transition EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility. Electrification & Lightweight Design will take place on 7-9 October 2019 in Turin, Italy. The goal of the event is to trigger cross-value chain interaction and strategic alliances among European stakeholders that drive innovation in these sectors. [...]

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EIT RawMaterials moves forward in implementing Lighthouse innovation programmes

Raw Materials and Circular Societies Lighthouse Lighthouse innovation programmes (Lighthouses) are large-scale and long-term coordinated innovation initiatives that address critical and specific raw materials challenges for Europe. They are mission approaches to innovation and education challenges, directly steering EIT RawMaterials KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) activities towards the achievement of its strategic objectives and impact [...]

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