Become a certified trainer for the Professional School of EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg

Are you an expert? Then shape the future of your field of expertise and become a certified trainer for the “TrainCall” project!

If you already are a lecturer or trainer or you have valuable knowledge that needs to be taught to a wider audience of industry representatives or researchers, we provide the framework for your teaching ideas and make you part of our innovation community. We need your ideas for the courses of tomorrow!

In this year‘s call we invite you to provide your training ideas for the raw materials sector and encourage you to make use of any form of e-education. Be it a web-seminar, virtual classroom or blended learning approach, we don‘t want to limit your creativity. Traditional course designs are also welcome.

What’s in it for you?

  • Become a certified trainer for the EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg Professional School
  • Use the vast network of the EIT Innovation Community to get in contact with our many partners and find profitable and like-minded contacts
  • Make use of the EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg experienced team of event organisers who will support you and will manage most things around your course for you, so you can focus on the contents of the course
  • Once accredited as a Trainer of the Professional School, you can repeat your courses in certain intervals according to your schedule and availabilities and easily offer further courses with additional topics
  • Facilitated entry to the European training market helps to make your expertise known and internationalises your courses
  • Above trade standard trainers fees, travel expenses and catering

Details of the call process

Trainers are kindly asked to fill out the template for their “Expression of Interest” (EoI) to propose their Idea. Trainers should make sure to hand in their EoI until 31 August 2021. All EoI are then evaluated by the EIT RawMaterials – Regional Center Freiberg Call for Training Ideas Evaluation Board consisting of industry, research and education partners of the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community. The evaluation criteria are transparently published on our website. We aim to give feedback on all ideas and the best ones are choosen to be realized together with the trainer. The trainers with the best EoIs are invited to take part in an exclusive Train-the-Trainer-Workshop to refine and optimise their teaching methods and course contents.

Our team of project coordinators and event managers are aiming to keep the trainers concentrated on the content and will try to do all the organisational work like registration, billing, and event organisation for them. We cooperate closely with trainers to reach the target groups with our marketing activities. Above market trainer fees are possible and only limited by market response. The whole process has been designed tob e tranparent and cooperative and we welcome feedback and questions.

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