Become a qualified expert to conduct independent services for the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme

The ETV Secretariat is seeking expressions of interest from qualified experts to conduct independent services for the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Programme. The candidates should have enough expertise in at least one of the technological areas (Water treatment and monitoring, Materials, waste and resources, Energy technologies, Soil and groundwater monitoring and remediation, Cleaner productions and processes, Environmental technologies in agriculture, Air pollution monitoring and abatement) and experience with cross-cutting aspects related to the technology evaluation.

The selected experts will carry out their tasks independently and on a personal basis, without representing any organisation they may be affiliated to or employed by.

The call is open until 31 May 2021 and more details on how to apply are provided in the following documents:

The duly signed application must be sent by e-mail to

DISCLAIMER: This announcement is by no means a job offer. The submission of the application does not automatically entail that candidates are selected as External experts. Only selected candidates will be contacted in due time by the ETV Secretariat to proceed with next steps.

About the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

The concept of the Environmental Technology Verification programme is to offer a verification procedure to cutting edge environmental technologies that may otherwise find it difficult to establish their environmental added value. The verification procedure allows for an independent assessment and validation of the manufacturer’s claims on the performance and environmental benefits of their technology. The information produced by the verification is public and can be used to compare performance parameters and therefore becomes an extremely useful tool to convince third-parties of the merits of a technology, potentially enhancing its market value and acceptance.

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