Fast-track your business with the RawMaterials Accelerator!

RawMaterials Accelerator comprises three phases (Explore, Build, Grow). There are stage gates between each of the phases, where start-ups need to be approved for entering the next phase. Each phase has specific objectives, process, funding and timeline. The support provided in each Phase consists of both group work, individual coaching as well as anchoring start-ups in their local and national ecosystems while at the same time opening up introductions on a pan-European level to partners of the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community. The combination of local anchoring and pan-European opportunities is envisaged to increase the success rate and market opportunities of the selected start-ups.

RawMaterials Accelerator introduces start-up teams to potential customers from the EIT RawMaterials partner network willing to adopt innovations. The programme connects local and national ecosystems to the pan-European network of a pilot and test infrastructure facilities as well as potential customers. RM Accelerator aims to develop start-ups so that they can rapidly become suppliers to, and perhaps future partners of, the EIT RawMaterials network.

Validate customer needs and verify business assumptions

The purpose of Phase 2 – Build is to validate customer needs and verify business assumptions. The offering provided by the selected start-ups should be at TRL 5-7 and CRL 5. Selected start-ups receives up to EUR 30 000 funding to cover the costs of participating in Phase 2.

Objectives for Phase 2 – Build:

  • Validate customer needs, market size and beachhead market, identify regulations and other specific criteria for technical and market entrance.
  • Validate key value drivers, build a 5 years financial forecast supporting/financing needs and strategy.
  • Complete a team supporting the next step

The RM Accelerator Phase 2 – Build programme duration is 6 months depending on individual start-ups’ development, acceleration, constraints and opportunities. It starts with a two-day workshop and continues with bi-weekly calls and monthly P2P sessions/expert talks. The progress of the start-ups will be evaluated at a mid-assessment day and after three months, followed by individual assessment of the start-ups to ensure they fulfil the criteria and stage-gate to continue to Phase 3 – Grow.

Please note, Phase 2 is only open for teams that previously graduated form Phase 1 of the RawMaterials Accelerator programme.

The application is now open until 22 August 2021.

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