EIT RawMaterials requests support from an e-learning consultant to revise four modules of the online learning project Girls Go Circular (GGC). In line with the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027, more specifically Action 13: Women’s participation in STEM, the project aims to equip schoolgirls aged 14-19 across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills through an online learning programme about the circular economy and deep tech.

Since its launch in 2020, 40,000 female students successfully completed the Girls Go Circular project. In 2024, our goal is to enhance the learning platform and the accompanying learning materials. EIT RawMaterials is seeking the expertise of an e-learning pedagogical consultant to revamp four of its learning modules in line with its newly adopted Learning Design Framework. The aim is to incorporate the latest information relevant to their respective subjects while also integrating deep tech solutions relevant to the field.

The programme’s objectives are to achieve systemic impact in terms of

  1. Attracting more women to STEM and ICT. By increasing interest and knowledge in these fields at the secondary school level, the project contributes to closing the existing gender gap.
  2. Introducing youth to the circular economy and emerging societal challenges.
  3. Introducing youth to deep tech and its necessity for a more globally competitive Europe.
  4. Driving thematic content important to EIT and the KICs into the curriculum.
  5. Providing teachers with resources and training to incorporate challenge-based learning and innovative thinking into their classrooms.

Services Requested

  1. Revising and updating the content of the introductory module Introduction to the Circular Economy. Adding to it an introduction to deep tech as a key component of the green transition. The total duration of the module is 30 minutes.
  2. Revising and updating the content of the three foundation modules Metals and the Circular Economy, Rethinking Plastics, and E-waste and the Circular Economy. The total duration of each module is 3 hours: 1 hour of lessons (text, videos, graphics, etc.) to be completed by students individually, and 2 hours of challenge-based learning to be done in groups.

Those services must be delivered by 1 August 2024.

Requirements & Capabilities

The team or individual/s delivering the services should be able to demonstrate the following experience and capabilities:

  • Proficient in the English language (at least C1)
  • 5+ years of experience working with public sector, multi-lateral, philanthropic, and private sector organisations to develop e-learning content.
  • Ability to develop interactive training concepts, storytelling, and learning journeys that guarantee lasting learning success.
  • Computer literacy combined with strong communication skills to convey the results in plain language to non-experts.

Additional desirable experience and capabilities

  • Experience in developing e-learning content for secondary school students in particular.
  • Experience in working on (gender) inclusion-focused projects.
  • Experience in working on circular economy-focused projects.
  • Experience in working on deep tech-focused projects.
  • Strategic thinking – an ability to build collaborations inside and outside the organisation to achieve the broader objectives of the programme.
  • Project and budget management.

Important Dates

17 May 2024:  Bidders’ deadline to submit proposals (EOB)
20 May 2024:  Supplier selection by EIT RawMaterials
21 May 2024:  Proposed contract start date (the supplier should prepare the contract)

Please find the full tender document here.

Please direct proposals and questions to girlsgocircular@eitrawmaterials.eu