EIT RawMaterials is inviting candidates for “independent” Executive Board member positions of EIT RawMaterials e.V. as set forth below.

EIT RawMaterials is the world’s largest network in the raw materials sector. Our mission is to enable the sustainable competitiveness of the raw materials sector by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship. This puts the organisation at the forefront of a major industrial transformation taking place in Europe today.

Our network comprises more than 300 members from industry, start-ups, universities and R&D, covering the entire raw materials value chain from exploration to end-of-life management of raw materials. To reach these goals, EIT RawMaterials funds projects and businesses in innovation, education and business creation.

To give added context to the wider ecosystem it operates, EIT RawMaterials is an Institutionalised European Partnership collaborating with and co-funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme for Research and lnnovation 2021-2027. It was designated as a KIC (Knowledge and lnnovation Community) by the EIT Governing Board on 9 December 2014 and has been collaborating with the EIT in this capacity ever since.

In addition, EIT RawMaterials has been entrusted with the management of the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) launched by the European Commission in 2020. The European Commission’s Action Plan of 3 September 2020, ‘Critical Raw Materials Resilience: charting a Path towards greater Security and Sustainability’ identifies raw materials as critical to Europe’s future. ERMA is part of that Action Plan and plays a key role in making Europe economically more resilient by diversifying its supply chains, creating jobs, attracting investments to the raw materials value chain, fostering innovation, training young talents and contributing to the best enabling framework for raw materials and the circular economy worldwide. ERMA is an open and inclusive network that currently comprises 600 members from Europe and world-wide. More details can be found under erma.eu.

EIT RawMaterials is an Association under German law (EIT RawMaterials e.V.) with its headquarters in Berlin. Its operational arm is EIT RawMaterials GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Association, with six regional Innovation Hubs (Co-Location Centers) in Espoo/ Finland, Lulea/ Sweden, Leuven/ Belgium, Metz/ France, Rome/ Italy and Krakow/ Poland.

Role of the Executive Board at EIT RawMaterials e.V.

The Executive Board has a widely supervisory and non-operational function, overseeing the activities of EIT RawMaterials e.V. as carried out by its operational arm and wholly-owned subsidiary EIT RawMaterials GmbH with its Managing Board (CEO and COO). In its capacity of representative of EIT RawMaterials e.V. in the Shareholder Meeting of EIT RawMaterials GmbH, it appoints the Managing Directors of EIT RawMaterials GmbH, supervises their work and discusses and approves strategic decisions, which are developed and proposed by the EIT RawMaterials GmbH Managing Board. Independently thereof, the Executive Board is the statutory organ of EIT RawMaterials e.V.

Election and Composition of the Executive Board

The members of the Executive Board are elected by the General Assembly of EIT RawMaterials e.V. partners which are held twice a year. The regular term of office of Executive Board members is three years with re-elections being possible. No restrictions apply.

The Executive Board is composed of, in general, six members proposed by the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hubs (Co-Location Centers), and at least an equal number of “independent” members. It is chaired by a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and a Treasurer. The Chairperson of the Executive Board should, in general, be an “independent” member.

An Executive Board member is “independent” if he/she/they does not have any link to any of the EIT RawMaterials e.V. partners[1]. The Executive Board composition should be balanced in terms of regions, knowledge areas, gender and other aspects. At least two Executive Board members must be female, ideally at least one third or more.

Functioning of the Executive Board, Expenses and Compensation

The Executive Board is largely free to establish its own rules of functioning. It meets regularly as required, in general four-to-five times a year. Video conferencing and other means of electronic communication are allowed and widely used. The working language is English.


Executive Board members are reimbursed their expenses incurred in connection with their position and activities related therewith, like any travel expenses related to meetings of the Executive Board. Executive Board members may and do receive an additional remuneration which is set by the General Assembly. The current remuneration is EUR 1.000 per meeting of the Executive Board.


EIT RawMaterials is inviting candidates for “independent” Executive Board member positions of EIT RawMaterials e.V.

Candidates should fit the following profile:

  • Strong pan-European network of decision-makers in the raw materials sector;
  • Understanding of EU policies, including funding policies, and their translation into action;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the work at the intersection of research, education and entrepreneurship;
  • Preferably previous roles within the European Union and/or in supervisory functions;
  • A passion for innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • Potential availability for Board internal exchange in person or via means of electronic communication once a month;
  • Excellent English language skills.

Candidates are invited to express their interest in a chair or vice chairperson position, if applicable.

Equal Opportunities

EIT RawMaterials applies a policy of equal opportunities and accepts applications without discrimination on any grounds.

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to apply via:

Applications should include the CV and a motivation letter. Please feel free to submit additional information as you may deem fit.

Applications should be received by EIT RawMaterials no later than 08.04.2023, 16:00:00 CET.

In case of questions please contact the Interim Secretary of the Nomination Committee, Dr. Andreas Klossek (andreas.klossek@eitrawmaterials.eu).


A preliminary evaluation of applications received will be made by the EIT RawMaterials´ Nomination Committee, which consists of six members from EIT RawMaterials partners elected by a previous General Assembly. The final decision (election) rests with the Spring General Assembly of EIT RawMaterials partners scheduled to be held in May 2023. Candidates should be ready to take up their position as of the aforementioned Spring General Assembly.

Processing of Personal Data

Personal data of candidates will be processed for the purpose of the Call exclusively. Personal data of candidates put up for election by the General Assembly will be made available to EIT RawMaterials e.V. partners. Applications not considered will not be made public. Further details on the EIT RawMaterials data protection policy can be found under eitrawmaterials.eu/privacy-policy/.


[1] A list of all current partners of EIT RawMaterials is available via https://eitrawmaterials.eu/about-us/partners/