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MAP project launches MapWizard software to streamline the assessment of undiscovered mineral resources

MapWizard integrated into commercial advangeo® 2D Prediction software with new results from assessments of undiscovered mineral resources in Nordic countries, Germany and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

2021-01-20T14:30:40+02:0014 January, 2021|

EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) expands to support the mobilisation of industry for a clean and circular economy

The EU ETV Programme, driven by the European Commission, will be supported by a new Secretariat composed of a team from LGI Sustainable Innovation, Technopolis Group, Arctik, EIT RawMaterials and EIT Manufacturing.

2021-01-13T17:11:21+02:0013 January, 2021|

Talpasolutions secures €4.5 million to help mining and construction companies optimise the performance of their heavy machinery

The Essen-based start-up talpasolutions has just closed a €4.5 million Series A funding round.

2020-12-21T16:41:43+02:0021 December, 2020|

RAIDMAP project challenging future professionals to find novel solutions to current industry needs

RAIDMAP project is designed to match students’ fresh ideas with professionals’ experience, approaching existing industrial issues on themes such as circular economy, recyclability and substitution of critical raw materials.

2020-12-20T22:20:32+02:0021 December, 2020|

MEITIM project explores skills and competencies of the skilled mining-engineer of the future

The 1st International Workshop on Skills and Competencies of the XXIst century workforce addressed future skills the mining professional will need.

2020-12-20T22:22:09+02:0021 December, 2020|

Corrosion prediction software tools developed to respond to raw materials industry needs 

In the EIT RawMaterials up-scaling project CorTools, corrosion on-line monitoring and prediction software tools are developed to respond to the needs of raw materials industry.

2020-12-20T22:48:06+02:0017 December, 2020|