Three members of EIT RawMaterials Alumni submitted ideas which made it to the judges’ TOP 5

The COVID-19 pandemic has already influenced our society in an unprecedented way. The global response to the crisis has been quick and innovative, at both national and regional level. We have seen measures to relieve healthcare systems, sustain small and larger businesses, and spontaneous industry responses. Entrepreneurs have risen to the challenge to find ways to better track the virus, collaborate to produce sanitizer, masks and ventilators or help smooth the transition to online learning and working.

During the crisis, we have already seen many online activities bringing together members of the different Innovation Communities. These aim to incite new ideas and produce change for good. EIT Alumni recently ran the COVID-19 Map & Act online challenge using the Be-novative platform, encouraging members of all EIT Alumni communities to come together to collaborate and innovate. Using an online ideation process, participants formed teams and were encouraged to think outside of the box to come up with new ideas to help a resilient recovery.

The central challenge was:

What can European citizens and institutions do to mitigate and overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on our society?

Three members of EIT RawMaterials Alumni rose to the challenge. Carolina da Silva Paes, Emilie Deram and Ariel Barcelo Basañez are all finishing their first year of the EIT Labelled Master’s programme SINReM. They decided to enter the challenge after seeing it advertised in an EIT newsletter. Carolina described the experience as a good way to get to know Alumni from other EIT communities, as well as a chance to respond to a really current and pressing issue. Emilie also mentioned that they recently completed some courses as part of the SINReM Master’s programme where they learnt that innovation is not just confined to a business environment. The three Alumni were pleased to be able to use their creativity and put some of the knowledge they gained during the SINReM programme directly into practice!

Their three ideas, which achieved 1st, 2nd and 5th place, cover a wide range of topics covering themes from several Innovation Communities, showing the variety and initiative coming from our Alumni.

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