Eco-friendly organoclay for paints and coatings

ALINA start-up uses innovative production technology to make state-of-the-art clay mineral materials that can replace the toxic chemicals and heavy metals normally used in building materials.

Our products take responsibility for the health of people and the environment.

Solvita Kostjukova, CEO and Co-founder of ALINA

Given that toxic chemicals (biocides) are the start-up’s main competitors, ALINA LIFE products have several major advantages: they are human and nature friendly, they use low energy manufacturing and produce zero waste, and the raw materials are widely available in Europe.

ALINA is an early-stage start-up company, established in December 2015. ALINA LIFE product has been introduced to a number of regional and global industry manufacturers, and as a result, signed contracts for R&D and co-creation projects. ALINA LIFE has also received the Sustainable Build Award in Denmark and is the first product of its type to receive the prestigious Cradle2Cradle certification.

Today ALINA is developing a scalable business model and is building partnerships with manufacturers and distribution channels across Europe and globally.

Innovative clay additive manufacturer ALINA has recently raised a EUR 550,000 investment from business angel syndicate, led by Messrs. Jerry Wirth and David DeRousse.

The investment will fund the development of a demo plant with a production capacity of up to 40 tons per year, as well to accelerate ALINA product sales, that includes research and development work with potential clients.  Demo production is a particularly important milestone for ALINA business because a fully tested production plant in Latvia opens the possibility to outsource manufacturing via partners in Europe.

We are as impressed with the co-founders’ talents and dedication as we are with the innovative approach to they are taking to enter the paint additive industry. The accolades they are receiving from industry bodies and the keen interest shown by prominent manufacturers reinforces our core belief that SIA Alina is a winning team – a team we are pleased to guide and support.

Jerry Wirth, Lead Angel Investor

EIT RawMaterials support

ALINA is one of the start-up winners of the EIT RawMaterials Booster Call. EIT RawMaterials has supported ALINA with networking and helping to find corporate partners, providing with access to the largest community in the raw materials sector, and financial support to boost the start-up’s activities.

In 2017, ALINA was nominated for the EIT Venture Award.

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