New smart anti-dust mask for harsh working environment

EIT RawMaterials supports high-tech start-up AirBliss+ based in the Netherlands. AirBliss+ has developed a new generation heavy duty and multifunctional respiratory protection mask for working in harsh and hazardous environments. Their BreatheEase™ Fan System allows for a seamless breathing experience with controlled heat and humidity levels and with additional features that include a secure seal system and an adjustable harness for secure fit, top-grade gas & dust filtration, AI-controlled fall & fatigue protection and connectivity to locate and communicate with users of the mask. The AirBliss+ solution will improve comfort and safety drastically, especially for long shifts under harsh conditions.

Customer validation

The product being at high TRL as is, AirBliss+’s current mission is to validate whether the technical specifications and value proposition meets the specific needs of EIT RawMaterials partners active in the Mining, Processing and Recycling industry.

AirBliss+ therefore is calling upon companies (especially HSE departments) to identify themselves when interested and willing to spend about 20 minutes time for an interview (and potentially product testing). If so, please contact Mr. Germt van der Veen via:

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About AirBliss+

Founders Jose and Adel were teammates working in a multinational company and during their frequent trips to Asia and the Middle East, they both started feeling the downsides of staying in polluted environments for too long. The most tangible effects were felt from the beginning: scratchy throats, coughs, sneezes and allergies. But all changed when in 2017 Adel developed serious health issue triggered by this exposure. Looking for solutions, he couldn’t find a suitable mask that could protect him from pollution, while being comfortable to use and breathe easily at the same time.

Back in the Netherlands, Jose and Adel partnered up and founded AirBliss+ in 2018. Since then, in their quest of creating the best and most comfortable air mask, they developed a new technology, patented their solution, participated in a start-up acceleration program (HightechXL) and became selected for TOP 50 Dutch start-ups to present their product at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

AirBliss+ is now focussed on launching the consumer smart breathing mask (called MAASC) and validating the ‘heavy duty’ industry version (called GIBLI) specifically designed for harsh working conditions in the mining, processing and recycling sector. The latter entails the integration of miniaturised dust and gas sensors inside the mask to tailor their product in accordance with customers’ HSE standards.

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