The ambitious vision of EIT RawMaterials will be realised by the creation of a structured collaboration within the Knowledge Triangle, which is the basis of the KIC model. A structured dialogue between academia, research institutes and business will facilitate an exchange of needs, ideas, research results and best practices. New entre- and intrapreneurs, with innovative ideas, will be supported to turn their ideas into business opportunities through our innovation system. This approach will leverage impact through synergies and will provide a powerful way of maximising opportunities in the RM sector and securing RM supply for Europe. Operationally the projects are managed through the co-location centres, which also support the partners in their strive for new, innovative projects.

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AMCO: Automated Microscopic Characterization of Ores

Objective The production and marketing of an innovative, low-cost and user-friendly, automated system for the microscopic characterization of ores, to improve the geometallurgical performance and to reduce the environmental impact bound to the benefit of mineral raw materials. The solution (technology) The AMCO system will upgrade previous developments (CAMEVA System, TRL: 5+) based on reflected […]

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AMicro Ecros: Microscale and Electrometallurgically assisted Cleaning of Complex Sulphide Ores

Objective The main objective of the AMicro Ecros project is to solve the following  challenges: Recovery of metals in the flotation circuit is affected by sulphide species that interact with the reagents and are in consequence carried up to the froth unintendedly; Pyrite is one of the most common gangue sulphides present in mineral ores: c.a. 70%; […]

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ARCHUB2: Arctic Network Hub

Objective The ArcHub project aims at establishing a network of excellence for sustainable mineral exploration and extraction in the Arctic. Such a Network would act as an Arctic Gateway and Forum to further strengthen synergy between research, education, governmental organizations and industry in the Arctic region/Europe promoting environmentally and socially sustainable extraction of resources. The […]

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AVAR: Added Value Alumina Refining

Objective The main objective of the project is to produce a number of scarce raw materials for the European economy from wastes from the alumina refining industry. The solution (technology) The project will pilot the capture of high purity gallium and vanadium from upstream spent Bayer liquors whilst improving alumina yield within the Bayer process. […]

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Objective The purpose of the co-investing event is for attracting Baltic investors, SMEs, start-ups and business idea holders (Universities/Researchers) in the field of raw materials. The solution (technology) EIT RawMaterials will organise a competition for start-ups with a possibility to win a rebate with which they could use EIT RawMaterials partners’ R&D infrastructure with a […]

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