The area “Learning & Education” covers learning and education activities aimed at realising the EIT RawMaterials goals with regards to learning and education and to be the backbone of the part of the knowledge triangle related to education. All learning and education activities are under the umbrella of the Raw Materials Academy. The Raw Materials Academy (RM Academy) will create an ecosystem of learners: PhD students, Masters’ students, industrial partners, professionals and wider society, and aims to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship among students and partner organisations within the raw materials sector, as well as foster new ways of learning and teaching. The educational programmes will educate “T-shaped” professionals with an understanding of the full raw materials value chain and with a mind-set for innovation, and entrepreneurship focusing on sustainability. To the extent possible, education activities include hands-on experience utilising real infrastructure. We aim for a high degree of mobility between industry, research and academia for everyone in the ecosystem of learners. Further, innovation in education is a key ingredient of this area and activities will address this as well as boosting and enabling innovation and business originating in educational activities.

The area is composed of the following five segments:

  1. The Raw Materials Academy; dealing with realising innovation across the spectrum of the KIC’s education activities and the strategy and framework for all educational activities
  2. Master education; aimed at activities on master level
  3. PhD education; aimed at activities at doctoral level
  4. Lifelong education; aimed at providing lifelong learning with a perspective of entrepreneurship and innovativeness fitted to industry needs in the Raw Materials sector
  5. Wider society learning, aimed at raising society’s awareness of the use of, and need for, raw materials. Each segment contains a number of activities and the activities in segments 2-5 have been generated through calls for proposals in June and October 2015.