PhD Programme: MIDICON

The 5 ECTS credits doctoral course on ‘Modern process data analytics by case studies on mineralogy driven control of the production chain from mine to products’ (MIDICON) will provide an introduction to the modern data analytics and tools, focus on their application to the control of the industrial minerals processing chain – and, prompt student […]

Short course in Geometallurgy

On 4-7 October the University of Liege will organise a short course introducing a range of techniques to enhance the collection of geological information that is relevant to mineral processing. It includes presentations, use of tools, a range of computer-based modelling exercises and case studies. For more information, please click here. Program Tuesday 4 October Introduction […]

Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining School – DIM ESEE 2016

Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining School – DIM ESEE 2016 is now open for participants. Subtopic: “Innovative approaches to blasting” Venue: Inter University Centre Dubrovnik, Croatia Date: 23-28 October 2016 Target group: Postgraduates, academicians, professionals Organised by: University of Zagreb & Montanuniversitet Leoben               Summary: First edition of the DIM […]

Wider Society Learning: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Raw Materials using Serious Game Concept (FOSTER- ERM)

The mission of EIT Raw Materials, is to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe. With this mission in mind, FOSTER-ERM proposes to create a serious table top game that can be upgraded into a web application. It should attract students and researchers to the raw materials sector and foster entrepreneurship with practitioners […]

Wider Society Learning: LAYTERM

Layman courses for the Transfer of Expertise on Raw Materials (LAYTERM), will develop and disseminate a suite of short courses on mineral raw material production for laypersons, such as policy makers, government employees, and representatives from NGOs etc. The suite of courses is expected to contribute to raising awareness and acceptance of the mineral raw […]

Wider Society Learning: RMCONFDIF

The programme builds on an initiative between and Atlantic Copper and UPM establishing a University Specialised Chair and creating a forum within UPM facilities for metallurgy teaching. The RMCONFDIF programme intends to take advantage of the synergy between industry and university, by providing the appropriate location, and environment to disseminate and promote RM metallurgy knowledge […]

Wider Society Learning: ACCHAIRSTU

ACCHIARSTU aims at attracting students to the RM sector, specifically for metallurgy intensification within the mining engineering career. The main goal of ACCHAIRSTU is to address students’ development needs by providing a forum for metallurgy teaching, in order to promote, share and provide RM metallurgy knowledge through education. Added value within the Knowledge Triangle will […]

Wider Society Learning: RACE RAw Communication & Engagement

RACE’s primary objective is the development and enhancement of awareness and understanding of the broad area of raw materials (RM), and the potential careers available in this field through the development and implementation of a training module targeted at working professionals, Higher Education students (postgraduate), and Higher Education staff. As participants progress through the module […]

Wider Society Learning: Enhancing European Society Awareness of Raw Materials (aRAWness)

The overarching goal of aRAWness is to provide a better base for decision makers such as local and regional political actors (top-down) to raise the European society awareness of the circular economy and to provide a better transparency for European citizens (bottom-up) in this field. To achieve the overarching project goal two central sub-objectives are […]

Lifelong Education: Successful Application of Process Integration in Industry (SAP II)

The objective of the project is to create and deliver high quality education on the application of Process Integration (PI) in metallurgical process industries and related industries to improve energy and material efficiency. Process Integration is a relatively new field in the metallurgy which has drawn on techniques from chemical and energy engineering and adapted […]

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