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From idea to market growth

Are you the next top innovation team offering radically sustainable products or services in the raw materials sector? Bring your idea to the market and apply to the RawMaterials Accelerator.

EIT RawMaterials Accelerator aims to catch and mentor start-ups to rapidly become suppliers to, and perhaps future partners of, the EIT RawMaterials network. Our programme facilitates introductions to customers in the EIT RawMaterials partner network who are willing to adopt innovations. EIT RawMaterials connects local and national ecosystems to the pan-European network of pilot and test infrastructure facilities as well as to potential customers. We also offer supply grant funding to enable start-up teams to participate in the RawMaterials Accelerator.

The programme comprises three phases – Explore, Build and Grow. Each phase has specific objectives, processes and funding schemes. The support includes individual and group coaching, funding and anchoring start-ups in their local and national ecosystems. At the same time, we open up introductions to the EIT RawMaterials community partners on a pan-European level.

In 2023, there will be two cohorts or opportunities to join the programme.

The second cohort is open now until 11 September 2023, 17:00 CET.

Please note the funding amount for Phase 1 is EUR 10 000, while for Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be a combined amount of EUR 80 000.

Phase 1: Explore

build proof of concept and discover your market niche (3 months)

Phase 2: Build

validate customer needs and verify business assumptions while identifying criteria for market entry (6 months)

Phase 3: Grow

tailor your business for launch through market entry, raising financing and expansion of your team (6 months)

Phase 1: Explore

Build proof of concept for the business model in the raw materials market segments

This call is for start-ups who consider that they already have an innovative offering and who see an opportunity in rapidly developing this offering to the exploration, mining, mineral processing, metal and mineral, steel-making and recycling industries as well as suppliers of equipment and tools to these industries.

Phase 1 starts with ideas at TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 4-6 and aims to find a market niche, develop a financial model, and build a business model.


  • identify beachhead market, market size, customer pain
  • identify key value drivers, good margin/product and margin/year, estimate financial needs
  • compose a founding team, identify roles and anticipated needs for the team

How to apply

Please find the details about the application process for the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator programme:

Please fill out the requested templates and submit them following the external link below.

The application is open until 11 September 2023, 17:00 CET.

Phase 2: Build

Validate customer needs and verify business assumptions


  • validate customer needs, market size and beachhead market, identify regulations and other specific criteria for technical and market entry
  • validate key value drivers, build a five-year financial forecast supporting/financing needs and strategy
  • set up a team supporting the next step

Phase 3: Grow

Get your business ready for launch

The offering of the start-ups should be at the start of TRL 7-9 and heading for market entry.


  • move from early adopters to early majority market, start exploring follow-up markets
  • significant sales or financing deals
  • have a complete team, aligned to scale market entrances and sales
  • be a provider of new impact driven technology within the EIT RawMaterials value chain

Thematic Scope

Minerals, metals and advanced materials are key enablers to achieve the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Today, only a fraction of the most relevant raw materials is produced in Europe. This can be changed through a circular economy approach, through innovation in recycling, substitution, processing, mining, and exploration. It is the objective of EIT RawMaterials to secure a sustainable raw materials supply by driving innovation, education, and entrepreneurship across European industrial ecosystems.

EIT RawMaterials Accelerator supports new businesses sharing our vision to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe.



Technologies and solutions for improved and new mineral exploration


Responsible sourcing

Technologies and solutions for more efficient, responsible and sustainable modern mining


Mineral and metallurgical processes

Technologies and solutions for mineral and metal processing and for improved materials production



Technologies and solutions for materials supply from secondary sources and recycling


Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products and for optimised performance

New technologies or services that make it possible to substitute or use lower quantities of critical or toxic materials in key industries


Circular Economy

Solutions and business models implementing circular economy concepts

For more information

To get in touch with your regional EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub, please check the list of Hubs and countries covered by them:

  • Innovation Hub Baltic Sea: Finland, Southern Sweden, Norway and the Baltic States
  • Innovation Hub Central and West: Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, North-Western Germany, France, Southern Germany, Switzerland and Portugal
  • Innovation Hub East: Poland, Eastern Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania
  • Innovation Hub North: Northern Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Norway
  • Innovation Hub South: Spain, Italy, Israel

Applicants belonging to countries not listed should contact the nearest Innovation Hub.


Important Documents

General Terms and Conditions of Financial Support to Third Parties (Sub-Granting)



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