On 25 September 2015, the General Assembly of EIT RawMaterials e.V. unanimously approved the IP Committee of our KIC. EIT RawMaterials’s gratitude goes out to them for their continued contributions and support:

Donata Folesani, Aster, CLC South

Pirke Fustinoni, Chair of the IP Committee, Outotec, CLC Baltic Sea

André Pilate, Umicore, CLC West

Karin Rehatschek, Montanuniversität Leoben, CLC East

Christoph Wictor Schureck, Fraunhofer, CLC Central

Victor Westergård, Atlas Copco, CLC North 

The mandate of the IP Committee includes, amongst others things, advising the General Assembly, the Executive Board and the Management Team of EIT RawMaterials regarding any sort of IP issues that are related to the management of our KIC and of the projects of our partners. The Committee also supports the further development of the activity-specific IP rules, which will be communicated to our KIC ecosystem as soon as possible.